UC Steering Committees

Teaching and Instruction Committee

In consultation with the associate dean, the Teaching and Instruction Committee oversees the integrity of the teaching and learning experience in University College. 

University Courses and Curricula Committee

The University Courses and Curricula Committee (UCCC) is responsible for maintaining the academic integrity and quality of all courses, degrees, and certificate programs.

Marketing and PR Committee

Support and coordinate the development of University College brand and narrative including DASA. Advise and establish sustainable marketing and PR processes in consultation with the University College Cabinet.

Assessment Committee

Ensures that University College has a representative on the DASA Assessment team.

Faculty and Staff Development

Support faculty staff, and administrators by providing access to opportunities, activities, and relevant experiences that promote professional development and personal growth.

Operations Committee

Analyze college-wide processes to improve the quality of programs, streamline workflow, and eliminate duplication of effort, and coordinate activities so that the college functions effectively and the team works collaboratively to fulfill the mission of University College in sustaining the integrity of an NC State educational experience. Under the direction of and in collaboration with the Associate Dean, the Operations Committee is responsible for providing continuous development, standard operating procedures, and oversight of the day-to-day operations of University College.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee (IDEA)

Create an inclusive environment within DASA and University College that promotes diversity and fosters a climate where all faculty, staff and students feel valued and respected.

University College Cabinet

Provide vision, mission, goals, strategic planning, and resource allocation guidelines for University College.