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Fast Facts


The University College at NC State serves as an incubator for interdisciplinary programs and is home to a variety of academic units and programs that are uniquely situated in the university structure to engage every undergraduate student. UC faculty and staff, often through collaboration with a broad range of campus partners, provide innovative experiential learning opportunities, centralized curricular and cross-curricular programs, academic support, and other resources that enhance the student learning experience. Timely degree completion and accomplishment of academic and career goals are fostered through interdisciplinary academic programs, academic planning and support, continuous faculty and staff development, and high-impact educational practices.


The Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) came into being in response to the first goal of the NC State Strategic Plan, “Pathway to the Future” (2011): enhance student success through educational innovation. Applying the fourth goal – enhance organizational excellence by creating a culture of constant improvement – a further recommendation led in 2015 to the formation of University College (UC) within DASA to serve as an incubator for interdisciplinary studies and to centralize all academic programs and departments within DASA.

The original UC structure included Academic Enrichment Programs, Department of Health and Exercise Studies, the Department of Performing Arts and Technology, Environmental Science, ROTC, the Global Perspectives Certificate, University Advising and Exploratory Studies, and the Office of Undergraduate Courses and Curricula. In the last few years, the Environmental Sciences degree moved to the College of Natural Resources and Arts NC State, and Advising Technology joined us (2018).


  • More than 135 faculty members
  • 210 faculty and staff across departments, offices and programs
  • We are approximately 59% female-identifying and 20% BIPOC


Academic, Artistic, and Co-Curricular Offerings

  • Academic Enrichment Programs (First Year Inquiry Program, Undergraduate Research, University Fellowship Office, University Honors and Scholars Program)
  • Arts NC State (Crafts Center, Gregg Museum of Art & Design, NC State Live, University Theatre)
  • Department of Performing Arts and Technology (formerly the Department of Music (MUS) and Dance Program)
  • Exploratory Studies
  • Global Perspectives Certificate (GPC)
  • Health and Exercise Studies (HES)
  • 12 Minors, 2 Certificates

Student and Curricular Support Services

  • University Advising and Exploratory Studies
  • Office of Advising Technology
  • Office of Undergraduate Courses, Curriculum and Advising Standards
  • University College Courses and Curriculum Committee


  • University College units offer nearly 1000 class sections each academic year
  • We generate over 30,000 student credit hours annually
  • Over 150 students complete our minor and certificate programs every year
  • Our advisors advise more than 2000 students every year with over 10,000 appointments
  • The arts produce more than 500 performances, visual art viewings, and other events annually