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Join a Living and Learning Village

The most important friendships you make in college are often the ones built on shared values. Living and Learning Villages are communities of students joined by the same academic, personal, or lifestyle interests, whether that’s a passion for the arts or a commitment to conservation. When you belong to a village, you live and learn in an inclusive, one-of-a-kind community—and make lifelong friends in the process.

Who Can Live in a Village?

All on-campus residents are eligible to live in a village. Villages welcome students who:

  • want to build, nurture and live in an inclusive community
  • value high-impact experiences that increase learning, self-awareness, leadership, teamwork, and creative thinking
  • seek to go beyond their comfort zone
  • wish to participate in critical and reflective inquiry

Whatever your year or major, there may be a village that’s right for you. Each has different requirements to best meet the needs of its community. Read about each village to learn more.