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Who We Are

Our Motivators

A series of overlapping circles in rainbow colors with text inside reading: Empathy, Academic Success, Student Responsibility, Holistic Development, Experiential Learning, Critical Thinking, Student Engagement, Creativity

Our Mission

The University College at NC State serves as an incubator for interdisciplinary programs and is home to a variety of academic units and programs that are uniquely situated in the university structure to engage every undergraduate student. UC faculty and staff, often through collaboration with a broad range of campus partners, provide innovative experiential learning opportunities, centralized curricular and cross-curricular programs, academic support, and other resources that enhance the student learning experience. Timely degree completion and accomplishment of academic and career goals are fostered through interdisciplinary academic programs, academic planning and support, continuous faculty and staff development, and high-impact educational practices.

Our Vision

University College at NC State University seeks to be a nationally recognized academic community that fosters critical inquiry and provides educational opportunities that enable students to navigate the successes and challenges of a rapidly changing society and become engaged global citizens.