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Advising and Support

University College offers an array of advising and support opportunities to students at any stage of their academic journey.

Academic Advising

University Advising and Exploratory Studies provides quality academic advising, coaching, and resources to undergraduate students to support their transition to college, major selection, major changes, career decision-making, and degree completion.

The department also coordinates training and professional development for undergraduate academic advisors and provides administrative support for university academic advising committees.

Change of Major Drop-In Advising

University Advising and Exploratory Studies provides Drop-in Advising for students who are exploring and/or changing undergraduate majors at NC State. Cross-curricular advisors can help students evaluate potential majors, navigate the on-campus transfer process (CODA), and plan appropriate coursework as students transition between majors. They also assist Non-Degree Studies (NDS) students with course selection. Transfer students can also benefit from their services.

Navigate NC State

Navigate NC State is a student app that allows you to:

  • Schedule appointments with various campus offices, including Advising (click here for instructions on canceling appointments)
  • Access resources and locations on campus
  • Use the Study Buddies feature to form study groups (undergrad students only)
  • View your class schedule, key events, and to-do items and sync to your calendar
  • Add reminders and tasks

Additional Resources