Academic Advising Programs and Services

Academic Advising Programs and Services (AAPS) provides quality academic advising, coaching, and resources to undergraduate students to support their transition to college, major selection, major changes, career decision-making, and degree completion. AAPS also coordinates training and professional development for undergraduate academic advisors and provides administrative support for university academic advising committees.

Walk-in Advising

Academic Advising Services (AAS) provides Walk-in Advising for students who are exploring and/or changing undergraduate majors at NC State. Cross-curricular advisors can help students evaluate potential majors, navigate the on-campus transfer process (CODA), and plan appropriate coursework as students transition between majors. In addition, we assist Non-Degree Studies (NDS) students with course selection. Transfer students can also benefit from our services.

University Fellowships Advising Office

The University Fellowships Advising Office (UFO) helps NC State’s undergraduate students, graduate students, and alums learn of and apply for nationally competitive and prestigious awards. These awards fund a wide range of fully-funded opportunities, and many are connected to undergraduate and graduate degree programs or internships, overseas experiences, and independent projects.

Career Development Center

At the Career Development Center, we help NC State students become standout job candidates. We do more than help you get a job after college — we work with you from freshman year on to develop a career path that matches your unique talents, interests, and ambitions.