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UC-CCC Membership & Roles

The UC-CCC Membership & Roles presentation provides a quick overview of the roles and responsibilities of the UC-CCC and its members. It also provides information on meetings and the presentation and review of actions.


The UC-CCC Using CIM presentation is intended to help guide users through the course inventory management (CIM) system. The presentation provides instruction on accessing CIM, editing, approving, and dropping courses in CIM, as well as managing action workflow.

Helpful Links

Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA)

Digital Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA)


Syllabus Tool (unity login required)

Office of Undergraduate Courses, Curricula, and Academic Standards (OUCCAS)

Office of Undergraduate Courses, Curricula, and Academic Standards (OUCCAS)

University Courses and Curricula Committee (UCCC)

Council on Undergraduate Education

GEP Category Requirements

GEP Special Topics Course Offering Forms

Course Inventory Management (CIM) – course look up and course action development page (unity login required).

CIM Approvers’ Page (unity login required)

Policies, Regulations & Rules

POL 04.25.05 – Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Policy

Also see Equal Opportunity and Equity

POL 11.35.01 – Code of Student Conduct

REG 02.20.01 – Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

REG 02.20.07 – Course Syllabus

REG 02.50.03 – Grades and Grade Point Average

REG 08.00.11 – Online Course Material Host Requirements

Registration and Records

Registration and Records

Academic Calendar

MyPack Portal User Guides

Course Catalog